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What is is a website that displays a list of Traffic Exchanges and classified by the popularity they acquire through the votes of their members.

Who can add their websites?
Only the owners, or administrators, of Manual Traffic Exchanges can add their websites

How is the list ranked?
The list is sorted by "In" votes, only for the current month. On the 1st of each month votes are set to zero.
3 Traffic Exchanges ranked the top three positions receive the following prizes every month:

1st place: 7 days Premium Membership
2nd place: 5 days Premium Membership
3rd place: 3 days Premium Membership

If the awarded Traffic Exchange has Premium Membership, the days will be added to those you already have.

How can I vote for my favorite Traffic Exchange?
You can vote by clicking the "Stats" button to the right of the banner of each Traffic Exchange. Then click the green button "Vote". A window will appear in which you will have to click on the voting button.

How many times can I vote a day?
You can vote once a day

How can I add my Traffic Exchange to
If you are an owner or administrator of a Traffic Exchange, you can add your site totally free from the "Add Your Site" link that you can see in the menu at the top of the page. You enter your data in the registration form and then your site will be sent to the administrator for approval.
If you are a registered user, to add a new site you must click on the "Add Website" link that you can see below the menu at the top of the page.
The number of Traffic Exchanges you can add to is unlimited.
After your site is approved by the administrator you must add a banner of your traffic exchange in 468x60 format by clicking on the "Upload Banner" link.

How can I receive the votes for my Traffic Exchange?
From the "Link Code" link and after selecting your Traffic Exchange, you can see 3 buttons with an html code that you must insert into your website. These buttons are for members of your traffic exchange to vote for your site at

How can I put the banner of my Traffic Exchange?
Once logged in, below the top menu there is another submenu light blue. Click the "Upload banner" link. Then select the website from which you want to upload the banner (if you have more than one site). Then select the banner from your pc. And finally press the "Upload File" button.

What is Premium Membership?
Your Traffic Exchange can be added to the list for free. But if you want to have some privileges as to how to show your site at, you can buy a Premium Membership.
With Premium Membership your site will be shown with a yellowish background, instead of the whitish background of free membership sites.
Premium members can add a larger banner, with a format of 468x200.
Traffic Exchanges of premium members are shown in the sidebar on the left.

Traffic Exchanges of premium members are shown in the carousel at the top of the main page

Your Traffic Exchange get 5 votes each day.

My question is not here. How can I contact you?
If you have a question that is not answered here you can submit a support ticket by clicking on the button below:

Ticket Support

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